Darling Kitten Sees Peacock. When Cat Thinks The Bird Is His Giant Toy? Cuteness Overload!

Kittens and birds will always be at odds with each other. There are many cases that show that they can get along just fine with each other. However, biologically and instinctively, they have been opponents of each other for some time. Take Tweety and Sylvester from Looney Toons as an example- For many years they have not only hunted one another, but made each other’s lives harder. From their various traps that they deploy to their somewhat hilarious pranks that if done in real life, would result in quite a catastrophe.

However, when it comes to the case of this peacock, things could easily take a turn for the worse when you least expect it. One playful kitten thinks he rules the world. He also thinks this giant peacock is his best friend. Not only best-friend, but brand new toy. This misconception sure ensues some hilarity. The kitten is so excited to meet up with his new friend, his new playful toy.

The peacock in all his glory shows his wide-spread, amazing plumage. He takes up quite a bit of space, making himself as large as can be. He stretches out his feathers and makes his presence known. Henry the peacock really goes out of his way to not bother anyone, just make sure that no one messes with him. He makes himself larger much as a blowfish or fugu would when they sense danger or feel like showing off for mating season.

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