Darling Little Scamp Is Quite Fearless! Boomer’s Precious Sense of Adventure Is Pure Hilarity!

For a long while, cats have been rumored to be afraid of water. Ever since I was a child I’ve heard this and for a long time I believed it. It seemed so obvious, as if it was a main part of their personality traits. At one time, I believe there was a rumor that cats lost all their body heat when they got wet. The idea had seemed to make sense, but it wouldn’t be fear, more so extreme discomfort.

We find more and more examples of those who defy the conventional standards. From old dogs learning new tricks, to cats loving water. Some find amazingly talented animals or catch them when they least expect it. Others have the luck to raise them and love them, watching them bloom. Watching them grow then defying the barrier that has been put before them. To succeed where others had not. To break the traditional stereotype.  Boomer is one such cat.

Many cats to this day are trapped in the old turn of phrase and when they see Boomer they really flip their lid! To watch him glide so serenely over the water, to slip the surly bonds of earth to meet Poseidon as an equal, rather than a “scaredy cat.”

He certainly earns his spot in my book. His Dad leads him, testing the waters, seeing how comfortable Boomer is with. Boomer doesn’t flinch at all. His eyes are filled with exploration. His eyes are set on the horizon.

Wow. What a brave cat. When I saw his “go-time” moment, shivers ran down my spine!
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