This Daschund Puppy Won’t Go To Sleep Without His Teddy Bear! SO Adorable!

When I was a kid I was really attached to my baby blanket. I refused to fall asleep without it; this was the beginning of my sleeping habits.  Other people for example, can’t go to sleep without their teddy bear. There is something so comforting about having a big stuffed animal by my side. Maybe I thought an inanimate object would protect me from the monsters under my bed. It’s not just humans, however, that need a sleep buddy though!

In this video, you’ll watch as adorable Dachshund puppy attempts to bring his stuffed teddy bear into his kennel. It’s so cute watching this little puppy struggle to bring his “bigger” friend into the kennel with him. Does his persistence pay off? You’re going to have to watch the video to find out!

I have both cats and dogs and I can guarantee that they do get attached to the oddest toys. My cat is very partial to a pink stuffed bunny that has a bell inside while my dog instantly fell in love with an adorable dog beanie.

Puppies being this adorable put me in a great mood after a long day at work! If you enjoyed it please share it with all your friends and loved ones!

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