Her Daughter Accidentally Finds Out Her Mother Is Having An Affair. This Is Speechless!

Children are especially intelligent when they want to discover a secret or sometimes, they are just too curious about something. They are so smart and they are always looking for new things to explore or they are watching everything that happens on around them. In this funny joke, we can see this beautiful little girl who discovers her mother, who is having an affair.

When her father calls home asking for her mom, the little girl answers the home phone and tells her father that she is in her room with her uncle Paul. The father of the little girl, very worried, tells the little girl, that she does not have any uncle who his name is Paul.

The little girl insists that her uncle Paul is in the room with his mother. Then, the dad tells the little girl that she needs to go to the room and knock on the door, to tell her mother that he is leaving his office and he is coming home and that he will arrive soon at home.

She goes up to the room and returns to continue talking to her dad. She tells him that her mother left very frightened of the room and that she had hit her head, and that she was not moving.

The very frightened dad decides to ask for Uncle Paul, and the little one informs him that the uncle, had jumped to the swimming pool from the window of the room, and that she thought that the uncle did not know that the pool had no water since last week.

After a long, silent pause, the father asks the girl if he is calling the correct number.  And this is so much fun to read and imagine!  We are sure you are laughing with us now!

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