Their Daughter Lost Her Toys, So They Set A Camera To Catch The Culprit. What It Revealed? LOL!

If you had a sibling growing up, you probably remember how you wanted exactly the same toy as your brother or sister. If you didn’t get it, your mom and dad were in for a long day. But it looks like the little kid in the video below doesn’t want to trouble his parents. He would rather take matters into his own hands! Wait till you see what he does to get what he wants!

According to his mom Joann Moser, this two year old is a little bedtime bandit. He picks the lock to his sister’s room and takes her stuff! And he has the perfect tool to carry out his “robbery!” Fingernail clippers! When his parents noticed his antics, they decided to catch it all on video. Wait till you see this little guy for yourself!

This video is really well done! Mom is right on point hiding the camera, but at the end of the video, you will find out she was watching the whole thing! And the choice of music is spot on. This little boy is beyond clever! I couldn’t believe how stealthy he was stealing his sister’s stuff!

He quietly sneaks out of his room and picks the lock with the fingernail clippers. There are subtitles on the video that make it even funnier. After he picks the lock, he immediately goes back in his room to hide the clippers in case he’s caught! Hilarious!

I’m not going to tell you what happens. You have to see this clever little guy to fully appreciate his success.

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