Daughter Is Preparing Turkey For Thanksgiving. I Was Crying Laughing When She Found THIS!

Pranks can be awesome. I always love watching shows like “Candid Camera” and other similar ones. When the people doing think through the setup and the actual execution of It, it can feel like a work of art. It’s when it’s poorly thought up and executed, that’s when it often crosses the line between humor and meanness. This video that we are watching here, though? It’s brilliant and I’ve never seen anything like it.

We see Kelsey, who looks like she’s maybe 20 or so, helping to prepare a turkey for Thanksgiving. Her mother is holding the camera and telling her that she needs to get all the stuffing out. There’s very little stuffing and Mom is supposedly worried about getting the turkey ready. Then Kelsey’s sister, who is in on the prank, goes over and watches as a horrified Kelsey pulls out a mini-turkey out, which Mom had put in there before. It’s a hysterical scene.

Meanwhile, as Kelsey’s shrieking about finding a “pregnant” turkey and holding its “baby”, her sister is on the floor, laughing so hard that I’m honestly worried that she’s not going to be able to breathe. I also don’t know how her mother holds onto the phone/camera, because at that point, I would have dropped it as tears rolled down my fae. As far as pranks go, this one is epic.

Yes, it seems like someone was asleep in school when the teachers explained that birds only lay eggs, nothing else. Hey, it’s what made the prank work. At least it wasn’t like the episode of “Friends” when Joey got his head stuck in a turkey. Now, that was funny to watch. In fact, I’m giggling think about it now. Kelsey is old enough to know that she’s being pranked , it’s not like they did this with a baby, where they might have scarred it for life.

Wasn’t this HILARIOUS? I had to watch it three times to see Kelsey’s reaction over and over. What was the best prank that you ever saw? Tell us all about it in the comments section below!

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