Daughter Visits Her Father And Gives Him A Card. His Reaction To It Is Priceless.

People react in all kinds of ways when they find out good news from other. Some are exuberant and shower the person with hugs. Others may be more subdued, but you can tell that they are just thrilled under the restrained veneer. Then there are those who might radiate jealousy at the other person’s good fortune. That’s definitely not the case with this video of a man learning about a new part of his family.

We see a man who appears to be in his 60’s. He’s got gray hair and a long beard, seems like a biker-type, with a tank top and a tattoo on his right deltoid. There’s a nice hug at the beginning between he and his daughter and then he greets her husband. It’s all a very pleasant moment and he seems quizzical as to why they are there. She then hands him an envelope. He may think it’s a belated birthday card… then he opens it and you clearly see two sonogram pictures on one side.

He gazes at the card for a second before realizing that it’s a birth announcement. With a happy yell and an R-Rated word, he looks at his daughter, overjoyed. When he finds out that they are twins, it’s all he can do to keep standing there, his knees are buckling. I want to tell someone there, “HUG HIM!” Who knows what his own family situation was like, but he is clearly over the moon to be a grandpa.

The first thing that came to mind was that this was Santa Claus during the offseason. He might like to go to the gym, put on some muscle during the spring and summer. Just kidding. This man does look like he’s a genuine soul who wears his emotions on his sleeve – when he’s not wearing a tank top, that is. It’s clear he adores his daughter and that this is one of the best days of his life – right after when she was born, of course.

What an emotion-filled video. I felt his happiness oozing out from the screen. How about you? What did you think?

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