His Daughter Wants A Horse. But I Couldn’t Believe It When They Went To A Ranch And Saw THIS!

The video below is one of those that leave you out of breath and in total awe. It is remarkably exceptional and I am not even exaggerating! This imaginative and creative advertisement left me at a loss for words! It marks the debut spot in Leo Burnett Melbourne’s campaign for the Honda CR-V Series II.

When his daughter breaks her favorite toy, a pink horse, the father is willing to walk miles to grant her wish for a new horse. The vehicle is what aids him in this unbelievable journey. According to executive creative director Jason Williams, “The idea came from the insight that having children is its own adventure, and sometimes you have to go on a bit of a wild goose chase to appease the imagination of a young child.” Don’t you agree?

After his daughter breaks her pink horse, the father decides it is time for the family to go shopping for a new horse. So they hop in their Honda CR-V and drive through the country where wild horses of all different colors are running alongside them. It is a great special effect.

Of course, there is a pink one, and of course, that’s the one the little girl wants, and that’s the one they chase. But as she walks up to the pink horse and it immediately responds to her positively, little brother is in the back seat dreaming his own dreams when he sees what his little sister got. Wait till you see what he does. It’s pretty funny.

Watch this awesome commercial in the below and let us know if you enjoyed it in the comments!

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