David Archuleta Sings “The Prayer.” But When His Friend Joins Him? I Couldn’t Look Away!

I’m sure most of us remember David Archuleta, a runner up in a season of American Idol from a few years ago. He was a very strong fan favorite, and he was even able to reach all the way to the finals of this fierce competition. Unfortunately, he lost to David Cook in the end, but fans love them both. This amazing vocal talent took some time off for a while, but he’s back and stronger than ever! You’re not going to believe his amazing voice in his Christmas release from last year!

David has cooperated with a close friend of his, Nathan Pacheco, to make their own version of the emotional song, “The Prayer.” Archuleta and Pacheco perform their beautiful rendition of the song in the following video, and it is one of the most compelling moments that I have ever seen recorded. This is a powerful song is a prayer to keep everyone safe during the holiday season. When sung by such amazing artists, it is incredibly moving.

David makes sure to show that his devotion to God is his main motivation behind this version of the song. The way their voices resonate and harmonize with each other is almost mesmerizing, and I’m sure you’re going to be enchanted by it just as much as I was when I watched it. You might even end up with several different renditions on your holiday play list, especially this rendition.

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