In My Day, Cats Would Play With Yarn, But Watch What They’re Doing Now

Yarn and feathers on a string are just things of the past for some cats, because they have discovered something new and more challenging today. It seems these cats, probably thanks to their owner, have discovered the joys of an electronic tablet and its magical powers to entertain.

In this clip you will see four cats completely enthralled by a fish. And electronic fish on the screen of a tablet. As long as they keep touching the screen, the fish keeps moving. Sometimes it moves off the screen and the cats continue to keep looking for it. They are completely confused and entertained at the same time.

It’s funny how these cute cats try to catch the fish with their paws, but no matter how hard they try, they just can’t do it, of course, because it’s just an app on a tablet. Their persistence is admirable and I can’t believe how long it holds their attention. All four of them! The look of confusion on their faces is just so cute as they wonder why they can’t even touch the fish.

It seems that they just won’t stop until they catch a fish! Too bad those fish are not real!

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