Day To Day, This Stray Sits Alone In A Car Wash, Then A Hero Comes Up And Does This…

evolved over centuries in order to be able to coexist successfully and in harmony with us humans. This is the reason behind our amazing chemistry with our furry pals. Also, this is the reason why he have an obligation to extend a hand to helpless dogs on the street.

Bo is a two year old Azores cattle dog, which is a rare breed. The elusive stray was often spotted wandering around a car wash in Toronto, where he was left to fend for himself for seven months. He slept on a filthy pile of junk in a nearby lot, surrounded by debris and shredded metal. He’d scrounge for food in the middle of the night, eating out of garbage cans. Not to mention, the nights would drop below zero degrees. For nearly a year, this was Bo’s life.

But catching Bo proved to be a nearly impossible feat. To help him get used to their scents, the rescuers dressed up his bed with toys and treats. Finally, the team set up a live trap, taking 2-hour shifts to monitor the cage. Finally, this amazing team of volunteers caught Bo and got him off the streets. His new life was just beginning.

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