Every Day They Take Their Dog To Drop Off Their Kids At School. How The Dog Reacts? AWW!

Gaby takes her son to school every day. And every single time he leaves the car, it breaks Dixie the family dog’s heart.

Now video footage has captured the heart-warming moment when Dixie cries as she watches her friend leave the car and walk into the school.

On Monday morning, Aidan grabs his shoes and gym bag as he prepares for his school day. Nothing out of the ordinary here. Then mom Gaby drives him to school along with the family dog.

But for Dixie, every school day is like the end of the world.

When Aidan leaves that car, she starts whining and whimpering. She glues her eyes to the boy as he walks into the building… and she cries and cries and cries…

Gaby tries to offer her dog some solace. And let her know that Aidan isn’t gone forever. He’ll be back in a few hours!

“Calm down Dixie, we’ll come back for him after school.”

She coaxes the dog into the front seat so she won’t be mourning the loss of Aidan alone.

We’d love to see Dixie’s reaction when Aidan gets back in the car after school!

Watch the video now for an adorable animal moment.

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