The day gets purpose when his dog, further down the beach, starts barking

Normally you should keep your distance from marine mammals, but there are exceptions. The credit for this rescue really belongs to a concerned dog.

Fiction is replete with hero dogs. Lassie and Rin Tin Tin are iconic examples. In real life, Rin Tin Tin was so popular that may have even saved his studio, Warner Brothers, back in the 1920s! There have been innumerable hero dogs in real life. Small children who’ve fallen into the water have been saved from drowning by protective pooches. People who’ve been injured or suffered a medical crisis have been saved thanks to dogs who went running for help. Dogs are so big-hearted that they don’t just help people; they’ll also try to rescue other animals.

And this brings us to a beach near Criccieth, Wales. A man was there to do some bass fishing but couldn’t help but stop to take some pictures of the scenery. His dog Leia had made her way further down the beach and started barking for him. Obviously, she’d found something.

There are a thousand different things a dog might find on a beach and get worked up about. As the man got closer, he though it might be a fish. In fact, it was a baby harbor porpoise stranded at the water’s edge! Adult harbor porpoises aren’t very large but this little guy was so small you’d be tempted to pick him up and hug him — though of course, the water is where he belonged. The man named the porpoise Buddy and helped him get out to water where he could swim. At first, Buddy seemed to be confused, swimming out a short distance and then back around toward the beach. Although harbor porpoises are often found close to shore, this one may have been a little too close. However, it wasn’t long before Buddy got his bearings and headed out toward open water.

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