Deaf Albuquerque Girl Uses Sign Language To Communicate With Her Dog. Best Friends Forever!

People get service animals for special needs people. There are seeing-eye dogs who assist the blind in navigating the world around them. Some people with emotional illnesses use therapy dogs to help them get through difficult times. Then there are dogs who are there to aid people who are deaf. The dog in this video is sort of one of those.

The funny thing is that Baxter, who is four-year-old Neeva’s best bud for life, never received any training on how to be a service dog for the deaf. He doesn’t know sign language, but can understand what she’s saying to him with no problem. Neeva’s mom brought him in from a shelter after another family was unable to adopt him – though in another awwww moment, they paid Neeva’s mom’s adoption fee.

So now Neeva and Baxter are attached to the hip. She’s slept in his dog bed with him sometimes and they go for walks together – with Mom holding the leash, of course. It’s got to be hard for the young girl, who was born without hearing. Baxter offers her a steady presence and it’s done wonders for her self-confidence. It will be interesting to see what happens as she gets older.

This goes to show you that animals, dogs particularly can be way more than just a pet. They can be a huge part in a child’s development. Baxter came along at exactly the right time and the results are right there for people to see. I hope this means that more people might adopt dogs to help their special needs kids.

I’m so sorely tempted to see about adopting a dog now. What about you? Would it sway you to adopt? Leave a comment below!

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