Deaf And Blind Dog Learns New Trick, Gets Confidence Back!

Dogs have an amazing sense of sight and an amazing sense of smell. Both of these qualities have been highlighted in dogs for some time now. It seems as though the stereotype of amazing smell has gone back a far distance. With roots, as far back as medieval times for hunting. The hound would pick up the scent of the prey and lead the way. To be without scent would be a huge disadvantage, just as much as it would be without eyes.

Eyes are the windows to the soul, yet when it comes to living without them a lot of things go out the window. It’s tragic that it happens, but they may gain an understanding we never will. They view the world and things much differently. It doesn’t make it bad, but it sure can be hard. Losing one of your senses leads to a whole slew of feelings and thoughts. Never having them in the first place? That’s a rough hand that Bitsy has had to adapt to.

When we first meet Bitsy, we realize that she is blind. Yet, when we realize that Bitsy is also deaf? The reaction I had was overwhelming, when I first saw this brave and fearless pooch conquer an obstacle that had been eluding her for some time. But when you see Bitsy do her thing, it certainly shows that she can adapt to any situation she puts her mind too. You go Bitsy!

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