Deaf Dog Starts Barking Incessantly To Wake Foster Mommy Up. Her Reason Is Quite Sobering.

Dogs play an integral part in families. They provide companionship for nearly every member of the family. There are also times they can comfort people who are grieving and they can also make them nearly bust a gut by doing ridiculously silly things – sometimes intentionally! But sometimes they can be even more important – they can save their lives. Like the canine that we see in this video.

What’s even more amazing about this story is that the pooch in question is deaf. Dulce, the dog in this video is a foster dog, and she saved her family from certain death. One night, her foster mommy put her in her cage and then went to her own bed. Soon, Dulce started incessantly barking. Groggily, her foster mommy came to the cage.. and it dawned on her that there had been a power outage.

She looked around the house and discovered that the carbon monoxide detector had been knocked out by this outage. To make matters even worse, she’d had a new furnace installed… and it was leaking deadly carbon monoxide throughout the house. Had Dulce not been there, she would have gone to sleep… and not woken up at all. Talk about sobering thoughts… Thank goodness for Dulce.

If I were in the same shoes as Dulce’s foster mommy, I would decide to make my home a forever home for the heroic pooch. I’m not, though, and she decided to still have Dulce up for adoption, reasoning that she’s always felt her home was a transition place for dogs. She’s entitled to her opinion, since it IS her home, but I would have thought about bending that philosophy just once. Oh well. I hope that Dulce got a forever home… and the foster mommy constantly checks her furnace and carbon monoxide detector.

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