Deaf girl wows AGT judges, gets Simon Cowell’s ‘Golden Buzzer’

It is hard to impress Simon Cowell on ‘America’s Got Talent’ because he feels he has seen it all before. Then Mandy Harvey took the stage and completely blew him away.

Mandy Harvey

Mandy is deaf. She lost her hearing when she was eighteen years old due to a connective tissue disorder. She gave up singing because she assumed she needed to hear in order to sing.

However, music was her passion. She learned to “listen” to the tempo and the beat with her feet. She had to trust an auto tuner to tell her if she was on pitch.

Mandy Harvey

As if her story isn’t impressive enough, Mandy informed the judges that she would sing an original song entitled “Try.” The song spoke about her journey back to music after going deaf.

Then she opened her mouth to sing. Tears streamed down the faces of the audience members. Everyone was on their feet enthusiastically applauding her by the end of her song.

Simon Cowell

When she had finished, Simon looked at her and told her she wouldn’t need her translator for what he would say next. He stood up and hit the golden buzzer.

Mandy was weeping with joy as Simon hugged and congratulated her. She is the entire package – singer, songwriter, and inspiration for pursuing her dream despite a significant setback.

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Deaf girl wows AGT judges, gets Simon Cowell\'s \'Golden Buzzer\'