Deaf Saint Bernard is best friends with a Great Dane puppy

At Sunflower Farm Creamery, a deaf Saint Bernard named Francis loves her new companion Arthur, the cutest Great Dane puppy. Arthur provides all the comfort that Francis needs.

There is an older English Mastiff named Gracie that has always been there for Francis. She is getting old, and without her, Francis would be lost since she needs a close friend.

Since Francis can get anxious, Arthur, the puppy, was introduced to her for companionship. They quickly became best friends and were immediately inseparable. He loved cuddling on Francis’ thick coat.

When Arthur was still small, he would sometimes lay on top of Francis, and she didn’t mind. There would be drool around Francis’ mouth and a big smile on her face.

Arthur seemed to grow every single night. His paws were humungous, and he was taking up more space next to Francis. She loved that her cuddle buddy was becoming more gigantic by the day.

Everyone was happy that Arthur was the sweetest Great Dane they had ever met. He is always relaxed next to Francis and serves as a great source of comfort and support.

Arthur was nearly as big as Francis when he was four months old. He could no longer lay on top of her but always tucked himself within her warmth.

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Deaf Saint Bernard is best friends with a Great Dane puppy