Deaf Shelter Dog Wakes Foster Parent Up Barking. Wait Until You Hear Why She Did.

I always love hearing stories about pets rescuing their mommies and daddies and other members of their families. I wrote a little while ago about a dog that jumped on her parent’s bed and started shaking, which alerted them to the fact that their baby had stopped breathing. It’s like these animals have a sixth sense about these things. Here’s another amazing story about a rescue.

A new furnace had been installed and something happened with the power, which then made carbon monoxide flow through the house. That could be deadly, since people who have encountered this can just fall asleep… and never wake up again. Dulce’s barking from her cage alerted her foster mommy, who looked through the house and found that a power outage had also knocked out the carbon monoxide detector. A tragedy was averted.

Dulce’s sense of smell, which would normally be much keener than a human’s, must be even more enhanced due to her deafness. Usually when one sense is absent, the others get even stronger to make up for the shortcoming. So, it must have been absurdly easy for her to smell the carbon monoxide flowing through the house. She must have sensed it was a danger to both her and her foster mommy, so that made her raise the alarm.

Despite her saving her foster mommy’s life, she is still up for adoption. It’s not that she’s not grateful to the pooch for saving her life, she always just has dogs passing through and she doesn’t want her to change her system. That’s her prerogative, but if a dog saved my life, I have a feeling that I’d be making an exception to that rule. I hope that Dulce got into a forever home… and one with a good furnace.

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