Deaf West Theatre performs Calum Scott’s soulful ballad “Biblical” in American Sign Language

Deaf West Theatre

Calum Scott was a famous British singer and songwriter who began his career on “Britain’s Got Talent.” Recently, Calum collaborated with the Deaf West Theatre to create an American Sign Language version (ASL) of his recent song, “Biblical.”

Calum Scott

This soulful song was directed by David Kurs and had a touching performance. The singer and several other artists interpreted the track’s story plot. It seemed Calum wanted to reach as many people as possible with his music.

The song had a beautiful black and white background. The piece began with Calum spelling out the name of the song. From there on, the song moved over to a series of other actors.

Deaf West Theatre

All the interpreters focussed on offering each other an interpretation of “Biblical” and how the word itself was a heartfelt statement of unconditional love. Every frame of the song was carefully crafted to impact the deaf members significantly.

Calum wanted to express the beauty of the song through sign language as well. Deaf people understand music in several ways. So, the song was layered so that the deaf members could feel the story in the song.

Deaf West Theatre

The song was impressive and had a deep feeling in it. With the ASL version of the song “Biblical,” Calum connected his piece to the people who enjoyed music in various ways.

The artist performing the song had expressed it fantastically and made it heartfelt. It was a beautiful song that everyone could enjoy. The otherworldly voice and beautiful lyrics were full of emotion and honesty, making it a masterpiece.

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Deaf West Theatre performs Calum Scott\'s soulful ballad \