When A Deceased Loved One Visits You In A Dream, What’s Really Going On?

You may not always remember your dreams, but the topic is definitely food for thought.

Dreams mostly occur during what’s known as the “rapid-eye movement” (REM) phase of sleep, when your eyes are moving quite a lot and brain activity isn’t so different from what it is when you’re awake. Unlike dreams that occur during other phases of sleep, REM dreams can be extremely vivid. One interesting thing is that there’s strong evidence that all mammals have a dream, so if you’ve seen your cat or dog twitching during their sleep, they really are dreaming! Scientists are still trying to figure out why we dream. Theories include “threat simulation,” regulation of mood, and satisfying repressed parts of the mind. Another possibility is that dreams help your brain process memories and experiences. “Let me sleep on it” may not be such a bad idea.

People have been trying to figure out the meaning of dreams as long as there have been people. We might associate the idea of dreams as the expression of subconscious desires with 20th-century psychoanalysis, but people all over the world have long suspected this is what’s going on. Some people are convinced that dreams can be predictive of the future. Another common interpretation of dreams is that they’re a connection to another spiritual plane. So if you dream about a loved one who is no longer among us, could they actually be visiting you from the great beyond?

In the video we’ve posted below, psychic medium Lauri Moore explains her understanding of what’s going on when a deceased loved one appears in a dream. “That is an actual visitation. That is them coming to visit you to give you a message.” Check out her video to hear more details and even a tip for trying to reach out to the “other side” by means of dreaming.

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