They Decided To Record Their Parrot In Secret, And What They Captured Is Hilarious

Anyone who loves animals knows that they seem to love music as much as humans do, and they can have some very amusing reactions to their favorite hits. Watching them enjoy music is sometimes even more enjoyable for us as humans that enjoying music ourselves. Every animal has a unique way of showing their love of music, but one of my favorites to watch is birds. Parrots, to be precise. It is well known that they have quite good hearing and are able to imitate humans with surprising accuracy, but their taste is music is even more exceptional than their ability to imitate.

This parrot parent was playing Irish music on his stereo and his pet parrot proved to be a very enthusiastic fan of this particular genre. But the parrot’s reaction when the music really kicks in is highly entertaining. Just like humans, animals have their own unique way of dancing and enjoying music, and this parrot is proof of that. His style is truly unique. I had no idea a parrot could even do this. Just watch and you’ll see what I’m talking about.

This bird’s fancy footwork is amazing. I wish I could dance half as well as this talented parrot. He is definitely a natural and I’m glad his owner was able to catch his unique style on video to share with all of us. His owner is really helping him to pursue his dreams of being a professional dancer.

Watch this adorable parrot and his radical dancing in the video following right below!

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