The Dedicated Postman Tries To Deliver Mail To This House. But Keep A Close Eye On That Front Door

When it comes to cats it seems that everyone has their own opinion on them. Many of us love them, some of us are indifferent, some dislike them and a few people are genuinely afraid of them. Cats definitely have unique personalities, which is probably why there are so many different feelings towards them.

While many people do have different opinions on cats they are still on of the most popular pet choices in North America. Many people have cats as their preferred pet and love them as if they are family members. Those pets are the ones that usually cause the least number of issues but this cat in question is not your typically house pet.

In this video you will see a mailman who is going to one of the houses on his route but he has encountered one major problem at one of his required houses. The cat who lives there seems to have an issue with mail being delivered and does everything in his power to keep mail from entering the mail slot.

You will not believe the fight that this seemingly sweet looking cat put up when this mailman was only trying to do his job. This is one of the most curious and hilarious videos we have ever seen. This mailman definitely has his hands full with this angry kitty.

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