A deer abandoned her baby in this man’s home. Watch what the man does! OMG!

When Darius was out enjoying the sun one spring morning, he noticed a doe giving birth to two whitetail baby fawns in his backyard. He saw that one of the babies had an injured leg and she struggled to keep up with her family as they walked away. The fawn couldn’t keep up, and the mother and the other fawn just left her when she laid down and gave up. It was terribly sad, but these are the laws of nature.

The poor fawn was abandoned on Darius’ property. Darius knew that the fawn would not survive on its own, so he decided to nurse her back to heath himself. He says, “I do not support keeping wild animals as pets, but this was special situation.” He never intended to keep the fawn as a pet. His intention was to nurse it back to health and release it.

Darius put a makeshift splint on the fawn’s leg and it began to heal. He had to bottle feed it every few hours. His own pets, including his dog, also helped to care for the fawn. His dog stood guard protecting it when it was in the shed.

After the fawn recovered, Darius tried his hardest to reunite her with her mother. When he finally succeeds, it’s amazing! The tiny deer’s journey with Darius and his family is a heartwarming one. Since the posting of this video, this story has gone viral. Many people have praised Darius for doing what he did, and he truly deserves all those compliments.

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