Deer Forced To Abandon Her Injured Baby, But THIS Hero Rescued, Rehabbed, and Returned Her To Mom

You never know what life is going to throw at you. One day, you could open your door and find that a huge opportunity has been thrown your way. But were you to take it, you could upset a lot of people with your actions. The question is, do you stay true to yourself or do you fall for an easy temptation. That’s what the man in this video faces and I think he acquits himself well.

The video starts with a white-tailed deer giving birth to two fawns in a man’s backyard. One is healthy but the other has something wrong with her leg. It’s not broken but it can’t support her weight. The mother tries to encourage her, but then she realizes that in the brutal world of nature, the injured fawn would be a liability and attract predators. So, she leaves with her other fawn, abandoning the injured one. Almost on cue, a couple of bears and a wolf started prowling around the gates of the premises.

This presented a tough decision for the man filming this. If he rescues her and nursed her back, he risks both her becoming too reliant on humans and forever being unable to reunite with her mother. On the other hand, if she is left out overnight, she will be either bear or wolf food. So… he brings her in, though his other pets that consisted of several dogs and cats are not too happy. He makes a splint for her leg, nurses her to health and she bonds with the other pets – but he is determined for a reunion with the mother. After several attempts, he is able to engineer the reunion.

What really made this was that he didn’t decide to keep the deer as a pet. His plan was always to return her to nature. Some people would have been selfish and kept her all for themselves. Even the other animals might have wanted to keep the deer as their companion. But this man knew what the proper balance was for nature. He could do all this with a clear conscience.

That fawn was SO adorable. Tell me you wouldn’t want to keep it. What would you do? Let us know below!

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