Deer and Cattle Dog share unbelievable, heartwarming bond

The Harris family has a magical way with deer. In this video, they have a deer, whom they named Scar, licking on their family dog, who seems to be enjoying the attention. The deer and the dog have become best buds, which is so sweet! The dog is a cattle dog, which is a remarkable breed! The deer, in turn, gets a nice pet from the Harris family man! The deer is so gentle and tame!

One of the kids gets into the video and hams it up! The deer does not seem to mind the child being around him. It is interesting to see that deer and humans can interact in a friendly manner. It is so rare that a friendship forms between them, which is why Scar is so unique! There are times when humans have found fawns and raised them as pets. Scar is somewhat of a pet, but he still lives outside.

If a deer grows up with a human, it will act more like a pet than a wild animal. It is possible for a deer to love a human in this instance. Deer can be fickle when it comes to humans, but every time the family comes in contact with Scar, he really seems to enjoy it, and Scar has also become entranced with the family dog. Deer are such beautiful animals, and Scar is no exception.

Most people say it is an incredibly bad idea to go near a wild deer, but Scar has become one of the family. When they spot a human, most deer will run off if they see someone approaching them. Scar seems to love the family, including the pup. Watch this video to see the positive interaction between a dog and a deer.

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Deer and Cattle Dog share unbelievable, heartwarming bond