“When That Deer Approached This Great Dane, It Was The Beginning Of Something Special”

Meet Kate. She’s a Great Dane. Kate has an unusual, but very devoted friend named Pippin — a darling baby fawn!

Pippin was abandoned by her mother and that’s when Kate came to the rescue and adopted her as her own. Kate’s human mommy, tells us these darling angels are practically inseparable. Your heart is going to melt when you see Kate and Pippin romping around together. It’s totally amazing

After being abandoned by her mother, a baby fawn, Pippin, was adopted by a Great Dane, Kate, and they have been best friends ever since. Kate’s owner Isobel Springett describes the uniqueness of their relationship, “When they greet each other, I’ve never seen anything like it. It’s not a deer greeting a deer. It’s not a dog greeting a dog. It’s definitely something that they have between the two of them.”

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