This Deer Was Hit In Car Accident! Watch His Heartrending Recue!

Many animals fall prey to vicious car accidents; hence the word roadkill, to name these horrible incidents. Amongst animals, deer, sadly, tend to be one of the most frequent victims- their propensity to sometimes, mindlessly, run into the middle of the road, making them an unfortunate target for a surprised and unaware driver.  When this happens, they are usually left for dead and sometimes, against all odds, they survive.

Some of these surviving  “deer caught in the headlights” have the heatbreaking fate of being left in the condition of being unable to move of fend for themselves. This is when, at least in the UK, Wildlife Aid Foundation, steps in.

The initiative, founded by Simon Cowell, helps creatures by providing a safe, comfortable place to recover as well as the care to be reintroduced to the wild. The poor young deer featured in the video below is one of the many animals that have received the organization’s help.

Be advised that the little deer’s condition is bit graphic, however the heartbreaking video shines a light of hope through the kindness of Simon. He takes all of the precautions to approach the animal carefully to prevent worsening his condition and takes him away to be cared for.

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