Usually, Deer Pull PEOPLE on Sleds, But This Time, It Was The Other Way Around. HEROIC RESCUE!

Ok, maybe not on a sled, but on a hovercraft! This was the case with three deer that had been stuck on the Albert Lea Lake in Minnesota, when the lake had completely frozen.

News of these deer went viral on Facebook until James saw the post. He called up his dad and they both took their hovercrafts to go and rescue the deer. Watch their amazing rescue in the video.

Wasn’t it remarkable that the deer did not protest at all or fight the two men! The deer could sense that those two men were there to help. Finally when the deer were tugged to the shore, they recovered their strength and walked off happily into the forest!

Wasn’t that an amazing rescue story! Who would have thought that deer could get stuck on a lake of ice! If you liked this story, share it with your friends and tell us your thoughts below.

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