Deer Caught Dancing and Prancing in The Ocean Waves

For some people, sitting on the ocean’s shores is almost therapeutic. There is a serene, peaceful mindset that comes when sitting by the water. Even if the water is choppy or downright rough, the magnificence of the ocean is perfect for the soul.

The waves and the sand beneath your feet work wonders when you least expect it. Even our pets love the beach, don’t they? We have seen a lot of videos where dogs jump in joy at the prospect of running around the sand. But as it turns out, dogs are not the only animals that love the ocean.


Take a look at this adorable video, for example. It features a deer’s visit to the beach. He looks a little out of place since beaches are usually far from a deer’s natural habitat, but watch how much he is enjoying this.

No matter how hard you try, you just can’t help a smile forming on your face watching this deer run and play in the waves. This is truly one of the sweetest things I have seen all week.

Deer Caught Dancing and Prancing in The Ocean Waves