That Deer Wants To Be Friends With Him, But I Was Grinning Nonstop At What The Camera Captured!

Animals can be very weird sometimes. You think you have finally figured them out, but then they shock you with one thing or the other. You never know what to expect from them. This video features something similar and you are going to be holding your sides by laughing so hard when you see what. A hilarious encounter between man and deer that will not soon be forgotten!

The guy in the following video was trying to unwind and get some relaxation on his beach towel. But then something very unexpected happens. He gets an unlikely visit from “John Deer” and what unfolds is really funny! I can’t help but notice that the guy’s girlfriend is getting a pretty big laugh out of it and she does some quick thinking and starts to record it.

The deer seems to very interested in the guy and the way he tries to make friends is so adorable, and a bit unnatural. The deer seems, well, oddly attracted to this guy’s hair and is not able to resist rubbing up against him. The guy is a really good sport about it though, and his girlfriend doesn’t get jealous at all.

Sadly, the poor deer was euthanized after this event due to “being too friendly”, “high risk”, and having “unpredictable behavior.” His behavior was rather unusual for a deer, and not easy to explain. Perhaps that’s one of the reasons someone decided to euthanize the deer.

Watch them in the video below and don’t forget to share your thoughts about in the comments section!

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