Deer Walks up To Couple in a Field and REALLY Wants to Be Friends

Animals can be very weird sometimes. You think you have finally figured them out, but then they shock you with one thing or the other. You never know what to expect from them. This video features something similar, and you are going to be holding your sides, laughing too hard when you see this hilarious encounter between man and deer!

The guy in the following video was trying to unwind and get some relaxation on his beach towel. But then something very unexpected happens. He gets an unlikely visit from “John Deer” and what unfolds is really funny. The person with him did some quick thinking and managed to videotape this close encounter.


The deer seems to very interested in the guy, and the way he tries to make friends is so adorable! He is a male deer with pretty good size antlers and appears to want to rub his face on the man’s neck. The girl filming says he looks like he’s trying to rub the fur off his face, but I think it’s more likely he was trying to smell the guy. Or maybe he wanted to smell LIKE the guy!

This is a very unusual, and a bit disturbing, encounter. Deer are normally very skittish, and this behavior is not normal, nor is it really safe for a deer to do this.

Deer Walks up To Couple in a Field and REALLY Wants to Be Friends