Deer enjoy their home without disturbance from tourists

Cherry blossom park residents enjoy some peace and quiet without tourists

With the recent drastic decline in tourism, many business owners are now counting major losses due to the lack of a significant market. Some even prefer to keep their businesses closed.

The small town of Nara, Japan, would normally be filled with hordes of tourists streaming in to see the amazing sites in the town. The most famous one being the deer park.

Tourists love to photograph the deer grazing among the many cherry blossom trees in the park. It is usually such an amazing sight to see the deer grazing in the beautiful park.

Cherry blossom park residents enjoy some peace and quiet without tourists

Without the tourists there to constantly bother them, the deer can finally graze in peace. It is wonderful to see them fully at peace with nature and without disturbance in their home.

It is not only the deer that are enjoying the decrease of tourists in the area. The locals who live around the park have also said that they can finally enjoy some quiet.

The locals claim that with the reduction in the number of tourists coming, so much has changed. Even the air seems to have gotten clearer now that there are fewer people.

Looking at the change in the area, we can see how much impact overcrowding has on a place and the environment in general. Although the businesses have been affected by the decline, it is quite agreeable that nature needed this break.

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