This Defenseless Kitten Was Swimming Alone When He Got Rescued. Now Watch What Was Behind Him!

When this guy from Alabama was out fishing, he never imagined bringing in anything other fishes on his boat. But to his surprise, he caught something else from the water. A cat! The poor cat was defenselessly swimming on the river and that’s when fisherman Jason Frost spotted him. Jason thinks that someone must have just dumped the small kitty into the water to get rid of her.

The poor kitten looks visibly traumatized. Who would even think of throwing such a helpless animal so cruelly in the water? Jason and his friend saw the cat when it began swimming towards them, like he knew this was his one chance at rescue and survival. So they knew he’d been on the land near the river. They watched him swim towards them and as soon as he got close enough, they pulled him on board to save him.

But the story does not end there. In the distance, near the edge of the water where the first cat came from, Jason spots another orange speck swimming toward his boat. It seems the other cat followed his siblings lead and wanted to be rescued as well.

Thankfully, Jason and his friends were there to rescue these little felines. I can’t imagine who could leave two helpless house cats out in the woods by a river. Luckily, a good person found them and rescued them.

This puts a whole new meaning to catfishing doesn’t it? Watch the video below and share your thoughts with us in the comments!

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