This Is Definitely The Clingiest Cat You Will See EVER! How Does He Hold On So Much?!

It’s a very old-fashioned stereotype, but even in this day and age, lots of dog lovers out there claim that they prefer dogs over cats because of the feline’s apparent indifference towards humans. After living with a dog for a while, a cat’s behavior might seem uninterested or downright cold to most people. However, if you’re a cat owner yourself, you must know that this is pretty far from the truth. Anyone can have their own preference for pets, and it’s true that cats are less expressive than their canine peers, but that doesn’t mean they don’t have an infinite amount of love to give us!

If you’re still skeptic about this unbelievable notion, you must look no further than the video that we prepared for you just below. Every cat’s personality is unique and different from the rest, and there are many kittens who are not shy when showing their furry love at all! Even if they act all calm and cool about it, cats can be so attached to their human friends that they almost never leave their side when they’re around the house, and when they’re in the mood for some petting, there’s no stopping them. I mean, the kitty in the video is a perfect example of that. He’s definitely the clingiest cat EVER!

Warm your heart right up with this adorable video, just below.

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