Defying snow and slush, an Alaska fisherman dances like no one is watching

The little town of Hoonah, Alaska, with scarcely more than 750 residents, is located on Chichagof Island, about 30 miles west of Juneau. In the native Tlingit language, the town’s name means “protected from the north wind,” although conditions can still get wintry. The local cannery closed decades ago, but there’s still fishing going on in the area.

It seems that one of those Hoonah fishermen is a big fan of Alicia Keys. As you’ll see in the video posted below, he’s also completely internalized the advice that you should dance like nobody is watching. He has a colleague hook a speaker up to a phone and cue up Alicia Keys’ song “No One.”

The Washington Post called the song a “gem” while Billboard said it “shows the soulful chanteuse acting her age, in the best possible way.” And from BET’s review: “Alicia’s soaring, power-packed alto contrasts beautifully with the soft piano cascades to create an undeniable anthem.” It was the most listened-to song of 2008, the best selling single, and it took home not one, but two Grammys.

Once “No One” is going, the fisherman starts busting out his moves. As he works his way along the snow and slush covered dock, he gets more and more into it, a complete prisoner of the beat. Inevitably he gets so carried away he ends up taking a spill. But after a brief pause lying there on his back, he’s on his feet, and after taking a moment to collect himself, picks up his frenetic dancing where he left off! If anything, it’s even more intense, as if he wants to prove that nothing can stop him.

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