Delicate Little Bird Almost Eaten By Huge Dog. HELP! You Will Not Believe What Happened Next!

Rex was adopted into a warm home last year. He is now happy, well fed, and loved. When he saw a tiny birdie on the ground, he decided to pay the kindness he had been shown, forward – what a good boy!  And now it seems as if this cute little hummingbird has fallen in love with him, yes, can you believe it?

When out walking with his new owner, Ed Gernon, Rex came upon a tiny birdie on the path. She was covered in ants and barely alive. Ed said he was sure the birdie was dead.

But Rex did not step over her or around her. He stayed with her, sniffing her and licking her.  Introducing, Hummer! She was barely alive and clinging desperately to life. Ed could not get Rex to move on. As he said later, “this fragile creature that the whole world wanted to kill”, was being brought back to life by his amazing dog, Rex. Ed picked her up and took her home, much to Rex’s delight.

After weeks of tender care, Hummer became stronger and stronger, and soon she was up and flying about, teasing Rex. And Rex – has he eaten her yet? Oh no, he just watches her with a look of pride on his face. And little Hummer trusts him completely – as you can see in the video of them together. How uplifting to watch them – the big dog humoring the tiny little birdie, and she never leaves his side, aaaaaah.

Rex and Hummer got so close that she started using his drinking water as her bath, flitting in and out while she waited for him to finish his dinner so she could resume playing with him.

Ed Gernon thinks that as Hummer grows she may well find a more similar mate, but in the meantime, she and Rex are inseparable, proving that one act of kindness leads to another. “In a weird way, the bird has rescued all of us,” commented Ed Gernon. Remember that to harbor any wildlife could be illegal, so check before you go rescuing stray animals.

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