Most Delightful 5-Month-Old Beagle Makes His Presence Known! Dad Got Shown Up! Just Precious!

Practicing something can be really time-consuming and draining. Remember learning to whistle? I don’t because no matter how much I tried, I couldn’t grasp it. Although it’s annoying to see other people able to whistle complex tunes, I take comfort in the fact that I can curl my tongue while some of them can’t. Small victories. Louie, the beagle puppy in this video can also take comfort in that.

It starts off with Louie’s daddy trying to show him how to howl. It’s an important skill for dogs… I guess. I always thought that it was a natural instinct for them, considering they’ve been doing it for millennia. Perhaps beagle puppies don’t have that downloaded right away when they enter the world. Nobody’s perfect. It’s so fun to see this wrinkly-mouthed pup trying to master it.

Louie’s got time to get it down pat. He’s only five months old in the video. Daddy’s doing his own best rendition of the howl – and Louie’s trying to play it back. That might be the problem. Maybe this dad’s version of the howl is off. It might be like me trying to teach my son how to sing opera. Yowling cats would sound better. But both are quite game. Apparently, Louie comes close to getting it right before the video ends, since he’s praised and pet quite effusively.

Like everything in life, practice is important. If you want to get really good at something, it’s going to take effort. If you want to be an artist, keep drawing. If you want to write, then do that. But you have to pay attention to fundamentals too. If you don’t have that down, then nothing else will fall in place. Louie’s got to get the fundamentals down. Though who here thinks that Daddy won’t be so happy if he practices while the rest of the house is trying to sleep?

I don’t care though, this is such a cute howl. What did you think? Leave a comment!

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