Delightful Little Orphaned Elephant is Thriving Within Her New Herd

It is a busy day in the life of the elephants at the HERD Elephant Orphanage South Africa. Khanyisa, an albino orphaned elephant, is trying to acclimate to the new herd. They begin their day with a long walk looking for food.

Khanyisa is surrounded by some adult elephants, one of whom grabs a bush out of the ground after kicking it loose with its giant foot. They make their way to the dam and stop to drink. Khanyisa doesn’t go near the water, and the other elephants continue to surround her.

After leaving the watering hole, they continue to walk and forage for food. Khanyisa takes the opportunity to try and nurse off of two of the adult females. At one point, she tries to shove some leaves in her mouth with her tiny trunk.

She fails miserably, but it is the cutest thing! The matriarch of the herd stands near her for a bit and rumbles gently. One of the handlers comes and hands her some stripped bark, which Khanyisa manages to get in her mouth. She is surrounded by security and love and will flourish.