Delta Airlines Does This Amazing Honor To A Fallen Soldier And His K9 Partner.

Maybe you’ve sometime had a bad experience while flying somewhere, or maybe you saw it on a video that someone managed to catch, but you probably know already that baggage handlers can be completely disrespectful with people’s belongings when they’re on the airport. Yes, they handle a lot of luggage every day, and they work through very tough schedules, but that doesn’t excuse the damage that the people’s belongings might face, especially considering that when traveling, people not only carry items that are economically valuable, but many things that have an emotional value, too.

Thankfully, the baggage handlers in the video that we will show you right know how to properly care for the things that are most important and deserving of respect in the world. In the following video, we see how a brave service K9 dog who worked very hard in the military while dispatched abroad. After falling in combat along with his human partner, you can see them arriving by plane in their caskets. Delta Airlines has a special Delta Honor Guard that dedicates to giving valuable transportation that has the respect that the passengers deserve.

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