Colorado Grandma Slices Into Old Wedding Gowns for A Heartbreakingly Beautiful Reason

One of the last thoughts for a grieving parent who lost their child too young is what clothes their little one will wear for his or her funeral. It’s not something that’s at the forefront of almost any parent’s mind, really. Partly because they can’t fathom that they would ever have to be in this situation. The mere possibility of this scenario occurring is so terrible that many put it in the back of their minds.

But there are those who have faced this, and there’s someone out there who is ready to help them through that heart-crushing task. Her name is Sandi Fasano, and she takes donated wedding dresses and cuts them into burial outfits for young girls and boys. She started doing this because she said that the last thing a grieving couple should be doing is going into toy stores for doll’s clothes.


Fasano operates a non-profit called Front Range Angel Gowns. She sews them all herself and donates them to area hospitals and other places. Fasano had one of her children lose a child, and at the time, she couldn’t do anything for them. It must have been such a heartbreaking feeling. But then she came up with the idea and has been doing it since. The gratitude that Sandi gets from the people that donate the items is more than payment enough.

Here’s a woman who is giving her time and skill to give those who lose a child a chance to dress them nicely one more time. There are some that say that this is a morbid task for her. I think that it’s a kind one. It’s helping the people of the community find a way to move on. I hope that Fasano gets many more hugs and looks of thanks for her heartwarming contributions. What a sobering and beautiful video.

Colorado Grandma Slices Into Old Wedding Gowns for A Heartbreakingly Beautiful Reason