Deployed airmen gather to celebrate her birthday. They start killing it with this classic

What’s your opinion on the fine men and women that serve in the Armed Forces? They need to do so many things on a daily basis that I have even though they might be superheroes. Seriously, their lives are filled with stress, they must make life and decisions in the blink of an eye, and must return home safe and sound.

Their families also have it tough. They understand the sacrifice their family members need to make to preserve our freedom. People in this country are willing to do whatever it takes to preserve our way of life. This warrior attitude towards life is what makes them fearless under perilous circumstances. And it’s not only the men who make the biggest sacrifices.

Women around the country join the Armed Forces for the same reasons as men. They also endure the exact same basic training regimen as the men do. The other day, I watched a video on the Marines. It explained their philosophy, why they act the way they do, and what it takes to become one. For starters, men usually arrive in a bus at night and immediately place themselves in a designated formation.

Then, they are briefed on how they are supposed to address their drill Sergeant, and they get one phone call to call back home. After that, they are given the official haircut and are briefed on what will be following the next day. The next day, they are taken through a course that presents many different physical challenges. Some parts of it were built to resemble a real-life combat scenario. This is also true for women enrolling.

They are given instructions on how to clear the courses successfully, but it is them who must put in the effort and actually do it. Some of the parts involve them jumping into swamps, walking in makeshift bridges, and clearing several obstacles. But, it is this training that makes the difference on the battlefield. You would think that all this rigorous training would take up all of their time. That all those exercises would end up making them all tough and would not have time for anything else, right? Well, not exactly. Some of them find the time to hone their other talents.

Just like this group of deployed airmen. Today is the day they celebrate one of their member’s birthday. One would think that singing ‘Happy Birthday’ and have a cake would be enough, right? Well, they have put together the following song for the birthday girl Amber, and it’s one song that neither she nor anyone watching this video will forget. This video actually went viral. Click on the video to see why!