A depressed dog was alone for 2 years. One day, she picks up a familiar scent!

Ever since dogs and owners have lived together, there have been stories of dogs getting lost or stolen. I’ve lost a couple of dogs myself, and I can tell you there’s nothing you can do to make yourself forget about them. It is almost like losing someone in your family, you are never truly happy. What I do is ask God for strength, that’s pretty much all I can do.

I am not the only one in this predicament. Sometimes, these dogs get stolen and there’s not much you can do. You can go to the police and post flyers around your community to try to find him or her. In my experience, if you don’t get your dog back in around 72 hours, chances are you won’t get your pet back at all. And that’s not just me, that’s what statistics tell you.

I remember a man who was running some errands one day. That day, he was not going to take that long, but he decided to take his dog with him. He would leave him in the truck while he got something very fast from the supermarket. So, he left his dog there only to come back to an empty truck. He looked for his dog everywhere without success.

He continued looking for him and after a few months, he had lost hope. The only thing he wished for was for his dog to be okay. One day, after a few years had passed, he was alone in his home watching some television. He was watching the local news when he saw a clip of a dog that had been found on the streets and the shelter asked the audience to adopt him.

He felt stunned when he realized it was his dog. He called the number immediately and told the production of the show that he could show evidence that the dog was in fact his. They directed him to the shelter and he stopped everything he was doing to head to the shelter that evening. The shelter staff didn’t even need to be shown any evidence because they saw the dog got very emotional when seeing him.

Another happy reunion was the one that happened between the man in the next video and his dog. They had spent about two years apart because she had gotten lost. The owner never lost hope on seeing her again, until a lady found her and after posting the dog’s information on social media, she finally found the dog’s owner. Take a look and the wonderful reunion!