Depressed Man Gets Kitty Therapy from Rescue Cats. It Will Bring A Smile To Your Face!

Spending time with a cat is so relaxing. Experts say that petting one for a few minutes can lower your blood pressure significantly. Unfortunately, I can’t bring my cat to the doctor, otherwise I’d be sitting there in the exam room with him. “Hang on a sec. Just got to pet him a little more. OK. Take it.” “Wow. According to the reader, you should be comatose now.” Then there’s this video of a guy named Chris who got kitty therapy by the bucketful.

Chris proclaims that he is in need of “kitty therapy.’ Well, he’s in the right place: The Cat House on the Kings, a cat shelter that houses over 300 cats. Yes, I wrote about this before, but it’s not the same video. Here, he plops himself down on a sofa and at least eight cats surround him. Some rub against his legs, others jump in his lap, one pushes his hand. They want human therapy, too!

It’s hard to pick the best part of the video. It’s like trying to pick the best line from “The Princess Bride.” There’s the part where one cat keeps headbutting Chris for more attention. My cat does that. Then there’s the time he has two cats in his lap at once, another perched by his arm and the other on the sofa STILL headbutting him. About the only drawback for me would be a longhaired cat making me sneeze.

I admit it. I’m jealous of Chris. I’m all the way on the other side of the country, otherwise I’d be hopping into a car and just setting up a tent inside The Cat House on the Kings. “Oh, don’t mind me. I’m just here for the cats… OK, fine. I’ll pay rent. Oh, can I use your bathroom?” I want to hang out with all these cats, darn it! Have they considered an East Coast version? There’s an idea for them to think about…

Wouldn’t you want to have all these cats surrounding you? Have you visited The Cat House on the Kings? If you have, tell us all about it in the comments section!

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