A depressed teen with anxiety disorder stuns the judges with an amazing performance

Anxiety and depression are by no means a small deal. Having battled with both myself, I can tell you firsthand, that the road to obscurity tends to be just around the corner. I believe all humans nowadays have depression and anxiety issues at one point in their life. Society today can be much more judgmental, much crueler if you will. If you are not strong mentally, you can have a very tough time with even the slightest of problems.

“I didn’t really suffer from depression when I was a child, I only felt sad.” That’s what I used to think. I would say, “Well, who doesn’t feel sad once in a while?” The problem is when the ‘episodes’ of sadness start to become seasons in which you are not able to do the things you would normally feel interested in doing.

Back when I was a child, people didn’t really pay much attention to those issues. There were not as many conditions with a name, even autism was something more of a myth than a reality. So, when I felt sad, I knew I needed to find something I could use to release the feelings of frustration that I had. In my case, the answer was music. My grandmother had been a piano player when she was young, and she would sometimes play a keyboard she had. She was very good, especially considering that she didn’t practice that much anymore. She started with a mild case of Parkinson’s that turned into a more severe one in a matter of a few years. She would try to teach me a few songs from back in the day. She would encourage me to practice as much as I could.

I started picking up the keyboard whenever I felt sad and noticed an immediate improvement in my mood. I was not so sad anymore and I started to have a more positive outlook on life. After a few years, I also got slightly good at it. I stopped playing the keyboard as soon as I started high school, though I would return to it whenever I got depressed.

The teen girl in the next video has overcome odds that you and I could only imagine. She has suffered from anxiety and depression issues throughout all her life. Her parents have felt helpless most of the time because as you know, the cure for these issues needs to come from within the person. She is now on the biggest proving grounds willing to face her demons and climb out of the ashes with a powerful song. This is her story!