Desperate Dad Travels For 20 Hours To See The Dog That He Thought Was Dead

Kali is a seven year old Collie/Golden Retriever mix who, like all dogs, loves exploring outdoors.

One day, her family took her on a hike in the rapids near the Rebecca Falls on the border of Minnesota and Canada. Imagine their unbearable horror when they saw poor Kali miss a jump and fall to an inaccessible ledge about ten feet below.

Her owner, David Kareken, says he was on his way to rescue the pooch when the dog jumped into the rapid waters, trying to swim her way out herself. He was so close, then it all goes wrong.

We can’t even contemplate how David must have felt right then. David knew finding his dog would be very difficult. Her chances of survival in the wild were very low, even if she had survived the rough water.

The startled owners called and searched for hours trying to find Kali, but they had no success. Finally, the family made the hard decision of going back to their home in Asheville, N.C without their dog. That must have been unbearable. But the story doesn’t end there.

Ten long days after, David received an incredible call that informed him that his dog had managed to survive in the Canadian wilderness all by herself!

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