This Desperate Little Shih Tzu Does THIS Hilarious Trick To Get A Treat. He Melts My Heart!

We see a lot of different online videos. Because we have access to the largest database in the world it’s kind of hard to not take advantage of it and check them out. There are literally millions and millions of different videos for anything you could ever possibly think of to watch. That is how we love to spend much of our free time, watching all those different videos.

One of our favorite types of videos to watch are animal videos. These seem to be our absolute favorite and they certainly are not in short supply so we definitely have our pick of them. While there are millions of them to choose from one of our absolute favorites to watch seem to be any that feature dogs.

Watching dogs seems to be a bit of a guilty pleasure for us. We are all guilty of watching one too many videos and we really don’t feel that bad about it. Watching these videos makes us happy and brings a smile to our face so really where’s the negative.

Well in watching lots of dog videos we have been fortunate enough to find some really great ones. This featured video is one such video. In this video you will meet a little Shih Tzu dog named Skippy. One of Skippy’s favorite things to do in the whole world is to eat treats and he definitely has some different techniques to try and get as many treats as he possibly can.

Watching Skippy is sure to bring a smile to your face especially when you see what Skippy does with his paws when he really wants his owner to give him a cookie that is sitting on a table right in front of him. We just about died from laughing when we saw that little dog to this! So funny!

Watch this featured video of Skippy the Shih Tzu and let us know what you thought of his special trick. As always please feel free to share this video with your family and friends on social media.

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