Most Despicable Story I’ve Ever Heard! Brave Soldiers That Protect Us Far Away And At Home.

There are always those situations or environments that once you find you’re in them, it’s too late. You’re already deep in the thick of it. There are a lot of behaviors that we can tolerate. However, there are also many that when we are witness to them, we must act. There is an impulse that’s stuck with us, to be good, decent people in times where things are going bad or good. This is one such instance of the lengths we will go.

It’s a bar, everyone is drinking and having a good time. All the people regaling old friends or other barflies of their encounters in the world. Eruptions of laughter are spontaneously sprouting up, organically occurring. A few soldiers have come into the town for a beer. A relaxing night of enjoying each other’s company.

They laugh about basic and how long ago it all seems. Funny stories from boot camp or ROTC, talking the night away. One soldier however hasn’t participated in a while. Something seemed to be irking him. Bothering him to the point of silence. When his friend asks what’s up with him, his response will leave your jaw dropped.

In the corner, on one of the couches a heavily inebriated girl, who happened to be handicapped, was being felt up. Groped on the couch while being hammered isn’t anyone’s idea of a good time, unless there is consent. The soldiers peered over at the young woman, trying to determine from a far if this was the work of a lowlife or if she could say no. It really sets your hair on end and puts you on edge to hear the horrific retelling. I couldn’t even imagine being put in that situation. It always tends to happen so randomly.

These soldiers couldn’t stand by idly. When you see the action, they took against the man, you will not believe it!
What a scary story. Share with a friend and enlighten them on the dangers of going to a bar alone. Spread the information and help prevent this from happening again.

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