Determined Labrador Retriever Happily Fetches Anything That His Human Throws

Dogs are given the nickname “man’s best friend” for a variety of reasons. They’re friendly, adorable, and just plain lovable. Each breed of dog has its unique and individual traits that make them stand out.

Labrador Retrievers are known for being great with children, incredible at learning commands, and phenomenal at retrieving things. If you enjoy playing fetch with your canine companion, take a look at what this black lab can do.

At just two years old, Yogi is still in the prime of his life with enough energy to power a small town. This little cutie’s favorite thing to do is play fetch with his human, no matter what is thrown.

While most dogs like retriever sticks, rope toys, or tennis balls, Yogi has no limits. He will fetch anything from a tiny wood chip to an old sock. His owner can’t help but be shocked when he brings back the smallest of objects.