This determined woman trades the cost of rent for life in a four-wheel home

In recent years, it seems as though there’s been a surge in the tendency to stop purchasing homes and start living life on the road. From tiny houses to revamped mobile homes more and more people are taking risks and setting aside the prospect of purchasing houses and signing leases in order to clear up their debt and live minimally.

The woman featured in the video below is 31 years old, and she’s thrown aside the cost of rent and the responsibilities of owning a property. Instead, she lives in a van full-time! The vehicle is a Freightliner Sprinter High Top Van, and its interior is just over 13 feet long and just over 6 feet high. The woman, Eileah Ohning, is a photographic producer that hails from Columbus, Ohio and has been living the van life since May of 2017.

She’s stocked up with a memory foam mattress, a desk, a camping stove for cooking, and storage compartments. She has every intention of adding a shower, toilet, and a fridge to her four-wheel residence. She never even has to worry about a morning commute, because she parks close enough to her workplace each night. As for bathing? Eileah showers at her local gymnasium!

Some people can’t even imagine residing in such a small space for a lengthy period of time. Even being in the car for an hour can make some people restless. But for Eileah, it’s a worthwhile trade-off in comparison to spending loads of money on rental costs. She even shares the space with her boyfriend, her dog, and her boyfriend’s cat! Talk about cozying up!

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